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Connection info TBA:2593

1) Download client
2) Install/patch client
3) Type connection info in razor
4) Create account and play
Type [help for commands

All downloads are here

Welcome to UO Armageddon!

Create an account and play!

Register on forums here !
looking for first 100 people!

Register on forums for the rewards!

Registration is open!

Registration for forums is open!
Release date for public pleasure is in september 2012

So from the looks of things,
any accounts created within the first 72 hours of the release, the prime characters will contain a 50k bank check in their backpacks.

and also the first 100 registered forum members - there is a random draw for a hooded shroud of shadows!


Almost Publicly Released!

So on the release date which will be soon, for the first 3 days people who create their accounts will receive 50k to start off. A draw will take place from now until a month after the release date for 1 person to win $20 of their choice from the donation store. More details how to enter and win in the forums. Also a second reward will be given to a person who invited the most friends to join this shard. This ends one month after the release also.
Enjoy =) its almost here!

Welcome to UO Armageddon!! New Forums

Starting to do the website again. Little time because of school.
New forums are up!
They are nice, take a look, press the Forums tab
Shard will be public pretty soon! and start will be the best, instead of 50 ppl, it will be anyone who creates account within a certain amount of days!! Be one of the first 50 people to register on forums to receive 10,000GP once you login! and also get a "I love UOA" shirt in game!


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